DAK Genera phono előerősítő



Phono előerősítő


The DAK Genera is a DIY phono stage designed for the experienced constructor.

Buy it for the satisfaction of building a professional looking phono preamplifier or buy it to experiment with.

The parts kit contains all the necessary components, high quality fibreglass pcb, fully machined and printed anodized aluminium case, and basic plug-top power supply to build a super sounding phono preamplifier.


Input 2mV – 10mV (ref 1kHz)
Output 200mV – 1V (ref above input range)
Input impedance 47k and 220pf
Gain 40dB (x 100)
Noise -65dB CCIR Q-Pk 20Hz – 20kHz; -77dB A-wtd.
Distortion THD+N better than 0.04% ref 1kHz (mix of odd and even harmonics)
Phase margin 78 degrees
0dB Bandwidth 2.25MHz
Slew rate 7.5V/uS
Clipping +16dB
RIAA accuracy: 20Hz: +18.8dB/+18.8dB (-0.5dB/-0.5dB)
100Hz: +13.2dB/+13.3dB (+0.1dB/+0.2dB)
315Hz: +5.3dB/+5.3dB (+0.1dB/+0.1dB)
1kHz: 0dB/0dB (reference)
3150Hz: -5.2dB/-5.4dB (-0.2dB/-0.4dB)
10kHz: -13.8dB/-13.9dB (-0.1dB/-0.2dB)
20kHz: -19.3dB/-19.5dB (+0.3dB/+0.1dB)
Size (approx.) 115 x 85 x 45mm