HEXMAT Eclipse


Lemezalátét,  a jobb hangtartományért. Bármely lemezjátszóval kompatibilis.



Maximise Your Turntable Performance

• Even Smaller Contact Surface*
• 3mm Diameter Specially Mounted Spheres**
• 2mm Extruded Polymer Blend Body Exclusive to Us***
• Better Live Soundstage*
• Perfect Transients and Timing*
• Excellent Dynamics*
• Impressive Stereo Image and Channel Separation*
• Opened, Spacious Transparent Sound*
• Music Without Restraint*
• Anti-Static Feature
• Full Torque Transfer
• 3mm Overall Thickness
• 7”/ 10”/ 12” Record Compatibility
• Compatible with most of the turntables
• Designed to be compatible with clamps and weights