Nagaoka High Clean 801 tűtisztító folyadék


Tűtisztító folyadék


Nagaoka tűtisztító folyadék 10 ml

A Nagaoka High Clean 801 tűtisztító folyadék egy teljes és hatékony megoldás lemezjátszó tűk tisztítására, megelőzhető a hangszedő tűszár elkoszolódása.


Created by a respected giant in the turntable cartridge and accessory world. The Nagaoka AM-801/2 fluid is a complete solution including a gentle brush that when used properly this kit will likely have enough fluid to last the average audiophile decades.

As with any stylus cleaning system, the best performance can be achieved by keeping the records themselves as clean as possible prior to the needle ever touching the record groove. Although it happens and is unavoidable, ideally the record should be kept clean enough so that the stylus tip does not end up as a ‘secondary’ cleaning tool by scraping grim out from within the groove of the record as it plays. But when buildup occurs, Nagaoka has the hi-end answer.

Made in Japan
Glass bottle
Built-in brush in cap. Brush has the approximate stiffness of what you might find on a fingernail polish brush.